10 amazing nail care tips for beautiful and healthy nail

What is the first thing that people notice about you? Yes, you must be thinking it’s your eyes, your hair or your shoes. Of course, they tell a lot about your personality and style. But, there’s one thing that might not be the first but very important that people always notice- your hands and your nails. No one likes to see or hold hands with dirty nails, and people hate eating with someone who has dirt underneath the nails.

On the other hand, nail care is also about your personal health and hygiene.

Did you know? 

The bacteria that causes vomiting and diarrhea are often found under the fingernails, that small back stuff accomodating under your nails is sufficient to make you fall ill.

So, it’s time to keep yourself healthy, and also make people see your beautiful nails. We have got you covered with 10 classic tips to get the nails you deserve.

10 key tips for beautifully healthy nails

Enjoy the list and make your nails look stunning!

Beautiful nails

Keep your hands clean and dirt-free

The first thing you need to make sure is that your nails and the skin around your nails remain clean, fresh and dirt-free. Your hands deal with a lot of harmful stuff throughout the day, some may remain unnoticed, but proper cleaning of your hands will help your nails in more than just a few ways.

Avoid biting your nails

Reports suggest- Fingernails aren’t digestible! Biting nails is a common habit when you are stressed or nervous. When you put your nails in your mouth, you are harming your overall health as well as your nails. Bitten nails can be noticed easily and they truly look pathetic! So, next time when you feel like biting your nails, get an apple and bite it feely.

Trim and file your nails regularly

Nail filing

Trimming and filing on a regular basis is one of the key ways to maintain great nail health. Doubtlessly, a busy schedule may not allow you to look at your hair on a daily basis. But, at least once in a week, you must find an hour for your nails. Trim and file them with care and maintain good health and shape.

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File nails in one direction  

You need to be gentle with your nails and make sure that filing the right way, else your nails can get weak and break prematurely. You can start filing your nails from one corner to the center, and then move from the center to the other corner, it will help you maintain good shape without damaging your nail. 

Take care of your cuticles

Don’t play with your cuticles, leave them alone instead. The cuticles serve a very important purpose by sealing the area for protection from bacteria and infection. So, don’t play with the cuticles, your nails will surely thank you!

Keep your nail tools clean

Nail tools

Why do you keep your makeup brushes clean? Simply to avoid bacteria, the same applies to your nail tools. Make sure to clean your nail tool on regular intervals or prior to using to ensure that you use clean tools.

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Wear gloves while doing household chores 

Household chores can leave a lot of bacteria to your nails and hands. It is advisable to wear gloves when you do dishes or other household tasks that involve dust and dirt. Your pretty nails will remain safe in the gloves.

Regular moisturization of nails and hands

Moisturize nails

Dryness and flakiness are harmful to your skin and nails. So, do the same that you do for your skin- moisturize. There are some of the finest creams and moisturizers available that can help you keep your nails strong and healthy.

Consume protein-rich and healthy food

A healthy diet fixes everything, even nail problems. If you are among those who have brittle nails, this can be due to the deficiency of calcium. Some foods rich in vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium, vitamin E, protein, and iron are helpful to improve your nail health.

Give your nails some rest

Keep those bold colors and special nail arts safe for the weekend and other parties. In the days when you are at home, give your nails some time to rest and repair. If you don’t let your nails rest, use of those strong colors and chemicals can dry your nails.

The bottom line

Get these tips implemented and achieve strong, beautiful, and healthy nails. Share the same with your loved ones! 

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